Who We Are

Dunia Al Ajyal International School is a well-known school in Al-Kharj. Our school offers a high standard of education for all ages from four to fifteen. Embodying the new class of professional educational institutions, the school carries a legacy of more than 6 years of worthwhile educational service to the residents of Al Kharj. The school was established in 2011, we started with a few students who quickly raised their heights and grew to many folds. Our school has students from around 12 nationalities from all over the world and has close to 800 students. Our school is an international school with an American curriculum. Our approach and approach to teaching and learning is based on CCSS with the inclusion of Arabic language, Saudi social studies, and Islamic education

Our Vision

Our staff consists of well-qualified international teachers from a wide range of countries around the world. Our teachers care and nurture in their efforts to provide the best education. We believe in lifelong learning so that teachers actively work to maintain the latest teaching methodology alongside a blend of modern technologies and traditional methods in the classroom.

Our Mission

Educating independent and responsible individuals to achieve success as well as being critical thinkers in our global community.

Group 121


Our Expert Team Members

The quality of the faculty will make the difference between average and success in any school. We guarantee success by employing teachers who are not only excellent practitioners, but also loyal and inspiring people on the ground who can contribute something above their educational responsibilities.

Mohamed Fouda

President, CEO

Dr.Mostafa Moshref

Academic Director

Mr.Hany Moawad

Boys Section Manager

Dalia Mohammed

Girls Section Manager

Reham Mohamed

Head of KG Section

Said Alsaka

IT Manger

Mr.Ahmed Ismaiel

 Head of English Department

Mr.Ahmed Hosny

Math Coordinator

Ahmed Dwedar

French teacher

Mr.fawzy Ali

online learning responsible